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Texas Mail Forwarding

Corporate Compliance by Local Corporate Guides®

For $40 a month, our Texas Mail Forwarding Service provides your business with a professional Texas mailing address, unique suite number, secure online account, and the option between same-day digital scanning OR mail forwarding. We also provide a free mail forwarding option for clients who sign up for our Texas Registered Agent Service.

Mail Forwarding by State

Texas Address

Mail forwarding from a professional business address in Texas.

  • Same-day digital scanning
  • Physical mail forwarding
  • No postage fees
  • Unique suite number

Corporate Guides

Get lifetime access to our Corporate Guides®, your own corporate specialists.

  • Business formation services
  • Registered agent services
  • Same-day filings
  • Annual report reminders

Texas Mail Forwarding

$40 Per Month
Rated 4.7 / 5 stars by 123 clients on Google

What is Texas Mail Forwarding Service?

When you sign up for Texas Mail Forwarding Service, your business mail will come straight to our Texas office, and we will scan your mail into your secure online account OR forward it to the address of your choice – without additional postage fees. Plus, you’ll receive a real, physical address that can be used on your company’s letterhead, website, and bills, so your personal information remains private.

We offer two types of mail forwarding methods. You choose whichever works best for your specific needs!

Option 1: Free Mail Forwarding with Texas Registered Agent Service

All Texas clients have the option of free mail forwarding service (5 mail scans per year) when you hire us to be your registered agent or form your LLC or corporation. This option is great for newer businesses and comes with a secure client account and highly trained support staff.

Option 2: Premium Texas Mail Forwarding Service

If your business is growing, you’ll want to sign up for Premium Texas Mail Forwarding Service. For $40 a month, our Texas staff will sort, scan, and upload your mail as a PDF into your online account. It’s a simple, hassle-free process, and you’ll receive a notification whenever a new piece of mail is available for viewing.

You won’t need to file anything with the United States Postal Service (USPS) AND we’ll securely shred your junk mail for you!

Need an office lease and second phone number as well? Learn about upgrading to our Texas Virtual Office service for $49 a month.

What are the benefits of Texas Mail Forwarding Service?

Our Texas Mail Forwarding is a valuable service for business owners who want to protect their privacy, travel a lot, or operate from AG亚洲国际游戏下载apphome. You can use your assigned Texas address and suite number for all of your company’s business related mail such as bank statements, IRS documents, and other state qualifications. And you can access your mail immediately, so there’s no waiting!

What about reshipping packages?

Our $40 monthly Texas Mail Forwarding Service doesn’t include reshipping packages.

Get Your Texas Mail Forwarding Service Today!

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Can I add Premium Texas Mail Forwarding to my other Northwest Registered Agent Services?

ABSOLUTELY! When you hire us to form your Texas LLC, sign up for our Texas Incorporation Service, or hire us to be your Texas Registered Agent, you can upgrade to Premium Mail Forwarding for an additional $40 a month. Or, if you’re new to the business world, you can stick with the free Texas Mail Forwarding option and sign up later when you’re ready.

Mail Forwarding Service By State

Does Northwest Registered Agent offer Mail Forwarding Services in other states?

Yes! We operate mail forwarding centers in Delaware, Wyoming, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming. PLUS, we offer US Virtual Office service in each of these states as well!

Our $49 a month Virtual Office package includes mail forwarding and unique suite number, just like our mail forwarding service, but adds on an office lease and unique in-state phone number that forwards all your business calls to the number you choose!

Learn more about our general US Mail Forwarding and US Virtual Office packages or select your preferred service and state from the list below:

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by Local Corporate Guides®