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Free Shareholder Resolution Template

A shareholder resolution is a stockholder decision made outside of the annual shareholder meeting. While directors make most corporate decisions, shareholders still have a few significant powers, including changing directors and amending or updating bylaws or Articles of Incorporation. These types of changes can be made with a shareholder resolution. We offer a free template you can use to record your shareholder resolutions.


Shareholder Resolutions – Free Template

Please enjoy our shareholder resolution template. Like all our forms, this template is for individual use. Need a different template? We also have other corporate resolution templates, including a general corporate resolution form and a board of directors resolution form:

Why do I need shareholder resolutions?

Shareholders don’t make too many corporate decisions—that job goes to the directors—but there are a few issues in which shareholders still have a say, including:

  • changing the directors of the corporation

  • amending corporate documents, such as bylaws or Articles of Incorporation

  • dissolving the corporation

While these kinds of major shareholder decisions typically take place at annual meetings, decisions can be made outside of an annual meeting with a shareholder resolution.

What should shareholder resolutions include?

Shareholder resolutions need a few key elements—namely a clear description of the resolution itself, shareholder information and signatures. Our template for a shareholder resolution includes the following information:

  • Your corporation’s name

  • Date, time and location of meeting

  • Statement that all shareholders agree to the resolution

  • Confirmation of the necessary quorum for business to be conducted

  • Names of shareholders present or voting by proxy

  • Number of shares for each voting shareholder

  • Statement that proper meeting notice was given or waived

  • Statement consenting and agreeing to business transacted at the meeting

  • Resolution

  • Shareholder signatures and printed names

  • Secretary signature and printed name

  • Dates of all signatures

Does Northwest have any other corporate forms?

We do! We have templates for bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and more.

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