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Agent For Service Of Process

Do You Charge Every Time I Get Sued?

No! That’s our job!! Quite a few of our clients don’t get more than a couple law suits a year, and most don’t get any at all.

We understand our role is to accept your service of process, so if you get sued every now and then, there will never be an extra forwarding fee.

If you’re a company that knows you’re going to get sued and have service of process all the time, we charge $15 per item. As your registered agent, accepting service of process correctly is our main function. This price of $15 per item is about half of all the other agents per item law suit receipt, but if you’re going to get sued all the time, we’re probably not the company for you. We only really have 4 competitors, and they are HUGE companies. They are CT, CSC, National Registered Agents, and Incorp. They clamor over this type of business because when you have hundreds of thousands of clients, you can charge clients a forwarding fee every time they get sued, and can bill them a lot of money over the course of a year. When you add up a bunch of small invoices over thousands of clients, it adds up to a pretty big number. These 4 companies want that type of business. If you’re really going to get sued and need an agent to accept service of process every day, I suggest using one of these companies. This is the type of business they want. If you are going to get sued every now and then, we are the company for you. We will save you money with our flat, once a year price.

Our main clients are small to medium sized businesses that might get sued every now and then. We don’t charge for this. We make our money by sending one bill every year, and that’s basically it. It really takes us way more time and labor than it’s worth to enter a bill, send it, and hope to collect. Basically, we don’t have the time to nickel and dime you to death with weird fees.

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