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Watch Out For “Corporate Records Service”

A common new business idea people seem to have is to make solicitations that look like they are actually from the state. They, ‘Corporate Records Service’ for example, mail these out to businesses by looking up their public information. It’s amazing to see that basically you can make money doing anything if you do enough of it. People get duped into sending money to these organizations all the time.

The problem is that hardly anyone really knows the technical specifics about maintaining their business entities. Technically speaking you’re supposed to hold an annual meeting as a company and do some corporate formalities. BUT no one does this, even if you did do it, it’s not something you file with the state. Whether you did it or not is not public information.

There’s specific language in annual meeting and didn’t follow some of these internal formalities that this is not a reason to lose your liability protection that an LLC or Corporation provides you.

These solicitations are not actually a lie, but they are marketing something that you totally don’t need to do. The deceiving part is that they, companies like ‘Corporate Records Service’, go to great lengths to make them look official. On this Washington State one, they even had the gall to put a bar code on there. It would be amazing if these Corporate Records Service people actually utilize bar codes to take people’s money for this. Here’s the even funnier thing. This document doesn’t cover everything you are technically supposed to do at an annual meeting, but no one ever does. So this document alone wouldn’t satisfy an annual meeting requirement even if you decided you were going to try to have an annual meeting each year.

You could just fill out this letter Corporate Records Service is sending you and stuff it in your file, because this Corporate Filing Service isn’t going to do anything with this. Isn’t that funny?? They literally might just toss what you filled out and take your money. Who knows, but they sure as heck aren’t filing it anywhere with any government agency.

If you get one of these notices, please disregard them. You do not need to do this. Your annual report will come from your registered agent. So only respond to official notices from your Washington Registered Agent.

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