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Non Profit Registered Agent

Non-profit organizations and not for profit corporations are required to keep and maintain a registered agent.  Nonprofits have unique compliance needs.  We have custom tools and resources to help you maintain your non-profit organization with the various state agencies.

Non Profit organizations will file articles of incorporation with a Secretary of State or Corporations Commission.  Many non-profits will find themselves being forced to register with various states across the US in order to accept donations and fund raising.  When you end up being required to register with another state, you will be forced to have a nonprofit registered agent for your organization or corporation.

Our nonprofit registered agent service is immediate!  When you find out you need another state, all you have to do is log into your online account and add it.  The Non-profit forms and filing instructions are available immediately in your online account.

We make maintaining a nonprofit organization in multiple states very easy with our nonprofit registered agent service.

How much is your nonprofit registered agent service?

We charge $125 for your first state.  If you require 4 or more states, we charge $115.  If you require more than 10 states, we charge $100.  Most nonprofit organizations require at least 16 states to have a registered agent in.  Many non-profits collecting donations at a higher volume will end up needing all 51 jurisdictions.  The good news is that most states have reduced annual fees for non-profits.  Many even have reduced filing frequency requirements.  You will always renew at your lowest price point.  So if you start with one state and add 4 others, 6 months from now, your first one will renew at the lowest available price.

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