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Free Registered Agent Price Match Policy

Price Matching Policy

“You say on your website that if we find a cheaper price for registered agent service that you will price match it if we pay for two years upfront. We’ve found several free registered agent offerings from websites and incorporation service providers that offer it free for the first year, then normal price. Will you price match the free registered agent service offers?”

That’s a very good question. To start, our registered agent service is a little unique in that we have a normal really low price of $125 a year that is all inclusive. We take orders of new clients changing their registered agent service provider to us every week, because they signed up with a provider for one price, but over the course of a year, ended up paying a lot more. They get charges for service of process, forwarding fees, maintenance fees, billing fees, middle of the year fees, and weird scams to sell services throughout the year, that you don’t really need.

Worse yet, we pick up people every week that change to us after they had a “free” service for a year, but had “forwarding fees” throughout the year. They then get their renewal invoice for anywhere from $99 to $320. They didn’t really understand that when they incorporated with an online incorporation service that they would be getting a big renewal bill, and they didn’t even know who they would be getting that bill from as most incorporation companies don’t act as the agent themselves.

So, is signing up for a “free” registered agent service with forwarding fees the first year, and hundreds of dollars the next actually free? Doesn’t seem like it to us. With Northwest, you get billed $125 a year, with no hidden fees. No weird games. Our incorporation service is $100 and more comprehensive than anything else you’ll find online for $400-$500, and then you’ll know who you’re actually getting as your registered agent.

We do price match any normal prices you’ve found if they are truly cheaper than ours, but we’ve found time and time again, that we are basically about the cheapest out there.

With our registered agent service, you get standard extras that other services that already charge more than us, charge $50-$150 extra for or don’t even offer, like an online account for viewing all the documents we receive on your behalf, instantly. Yes instantly. Other registered agent services might offer viewing of documents, but it might be after the local office location forwards the items to a headquarter office, and then the headquarter office scans documents in. Our clients can view items received locally within minutes of receipt. That’s right, you can get served in 51 jurisdictions, within 30 minutes, and be able to view 51 different law suits that got hand delivered to 51 different addresses all instantly. The entire document. No one else offers this level of service. We track your annual report due dates, send you reminders, and have a customizable calendar for you.  Some states can cost up to $100 just to change your “free registered agent.”

So the answer to the price match of the free registered agent service is… Hmmm… twist my arm… No. Now we get some pretty angry phone calls for not price matching websites offering free registered agent service. We do offer price matching for normal renewal prices if you can find someone cheaper.

I’m still kind of blown away that someone gets mad at us for not wanting to do free registered agent service. Why on earth would someone or a business offer a truly free service? There must always be a catch to doing something for free or else the business wouldn’t be in business! Now maybe there are some extra services that one company includes that another would charge for. In that case, you could say we have a lot of free registered agent services.

I recently got a postcard for a free dental exam. I called and thought great, free checkup… No co-pay. I’ll take it. When I called on the phone, they said I wouldn’t pay for a single thing. I got there, and totally wasted my time. Now I’ve been going to the dentist every 6 months to a year since I can remember. You know the routine… You get flossed, you bleed all over the place, they pick away with that horrible scraper pick thing, you bleed all over the place, you about crawl out the back end of the chair from the pain and straining, maybe get some fluoride, they glaze your teeth over with some brush thing, the actual dentist comes in, talks about how bad you floss, and you walk out with a headache. Well with my “free” exam was a look over with the mirror by a dental assistant, which after looking at my teeth for about 2 minutes told me that I needed a severe cleaning. I said “Great, that’s why I came here right?” Well, you got a free exam, but a basic cleaning is $82, but you’re beyond basic, and will need our comprehensive tooth cleaning service for $152. Give me a break! I walked out. Any teeth cleaning should be around $50-75 and X-rays around $70-$120. My point being, maybe I should have just gone to my normal dentist and paid my $35 co-pay. I thought I could sneak in a free visit.

So…for the people who really want a free registered agent service, I have officially come up with our free registered agent service program. Here it is:

You pay our normal everyday no gimmick price of $125 a year and we’ll give you 1 day of registered agent service. Yes that’s right! 1 day for $125.

You then get 364 days of free registered agent service. If you think of it that way, we will continually offer you free registered agent service, year after year! All you have to do is keep buying 1 day each year for $125 and we’ll continually give you the next 364 days for free. That could, quite possibly be the only continual, unlimited time frame, free registered agent service out there.

If you would like to hire Northwest Registered Agent LLC as your registered agent for our no hidden fee, no gimmick price of $125 a year, we would be happy and grateful to serve as your agent. We value each and every client we have, and your business actually means something to us. We have no sales team, no telemarketers, and no marketing team. It’s just us serving as your registered agent. If you truly have found a cheaper price than ours, we’d be happy to price match it, but at the end of the day, any website could tell you whatever you want to hear, to get you hooked in, and then charge you a whole bunch of money later on.

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