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Corporate Guides®

By Northwest Registered Agent

What is a Corporate Guide?

Our Corporate Guides are a team of 200+ knowledgeable business experts dedicated to answering your business questions. Our guides help you navigate the ins and outs of the business world. Just like a mountain or fishing guide, our Corporate Guides share their expertise to help you get where you’re going, find what you need, and keep you from getting stuck or stumbling into pitfalls along the way.

Corporate Guides vs Customer Service

So what’s the difference between Corporate Guides and standard customer service representatives? Unlike standard customer service reps, our Corporate Guides don’t simply answer service-related questions. Sure, our guides can tell you how much it would cost to add another phone number to a virtual office package. But their primary purpose is to support you on your journey through the business world, talking you through your business questions and concerns.

Requirements for starting or maintaining a business are different for each state. Each entity type. Sometimes each tax classification. And you’re somehow just supposed to figure it all out on your own? We don’t think so. Whether you want to know more about New York’s newspaper publishing requirement for new LLCs or how to reinstate a corporation in California, our guides are here for you, just a phone call or email away.

How Our Corporate Guides Support You

Our Guides are Business Experts

Our Corporate Guides have years of experience navigating state bureaucracy. They’re a mish-mash of paralegals, accountants, advisors, lawyers, and experts in the field, all with insider knowledge of the business world. They know the ins and outs of every US jurisdiction. And best of all, they love talking shop. They’re happy to clue you in to the fastest, cheapest and easiest ways to accomplish whatever your business needs.

Our Guides are Real People

When you call or email us, a real person picks up the phone or types out a response. Business questions have nuance. What should you do if the state rejects a filing? Does your Texas LLC have to pay a franchise tax? How do you get a Certificate of Existence for an Idaho corporation in order to register to do business in Montana?

Even if we could program a chatbot to answer every business question under the sun, we still wouldn’t. The obstacles and issues your business encounters are not only unique and variable—they’re frustrating. And you deserve a real person to talk to. A person who can answer follow-up questions. A person who doesn’t just know LLCs but knows the intricacies of LLC filings in your state or jurisdiction. That’s why we don’t rely on automated operators. Or scripts. Just real people.

Our Guides are Accessible

When was the last time you called or emailed a company and got the answers you needed immediately? When was the last time you got a person at all? So many companies are frustratingly difficult to contact. Phone number buried in the website. Phone tree that doesn’t lead to a real person. Voicemail that’s never returned. Or if it’s returned, it’s not helpful and doesn’t provide any avenue for follow-up questions.

At Northwest, our phone number is at the top or bottom of every single web page. And when you call or send us a message? No phone trees. No “no reply” emails. No phone calls or chats scheduled for three weeks later. We pick up fast. We reply to emails fast. We WANT you to call us when you have questions. The reason we have so many Corporate Guides is to make starting and running your business easier for you.

Our Guides are Not Salespeople

No one likes calling a company for assistance and getting a pushy salesperson angling for commission. Our Corporate Guides are guides. Not salespeople. Our guides aren’t “scored” based on how many products they pitch. They don’t do upsells. Our Corporate Guides answer your questions and help you figure out how to solve problems.

And unlike a standard call center, we don’t use metrics like call times to push you off the phone fast and mark the issue “resolved.” How could we expect our guides to give you the best information and experience possible if they’re watching the clock and trying to get off the phone? Our performance reviews for our Corporate Guides are based on customer satisfaction. Not sales or other ridiculous metrics. Our goal is to give you the least annoying experience possible. It’s even our slogan: We’re Just Not Annoying®.

Corporate Compliance
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