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How Do I Cancel My Registered Agent Service?


There are no fees if you cancel service with us, unless you want us to do the filing to take our name off as your agent or to cancel your registration with the state. We would prefer that you just do the filing yourself.

If you would like to cancel service with us, you just log into your online account and click on the “cancel service” tab in the menu. It’s that simple! We’re not going to argue with you over a bunch of fees when you’re already not going to need our services moving forward. It’s just not worth our time. We want you to have a good experience with us from the first day to the last, so that next time you need a registered agent, you’ll want to use us again.


If you get an annual registered agent bill from us, and you want to cancel service with us, we need to actually not be doing our job. If we are listed as the registered agent, we have a legal responsibility as your registered agent to accept service of process and notices. If we are still doing our job, we expect to be paid. We totally understand if you need to cancel service with us. We don’t want to be a hassle for you, and if you get an annual bill from us, it’s coming about 2-3 months before your end of service date. That gives you plenty of time to dissolve your domestic company, withdraw your foreign entity, or change registered agents.

If you’re registered in multiple states or just operating a business in your AG亚洲国际游戏下载apphome state, it will be to your benefit to get your business OFFICIALLY cancelled with the state. Failure to file your annual reports will only create a headache for you if you need to re-register or revive your company at some point. Furthermore, the Department of Revenue and other state agencies in that state will be looking for continual returns, even if they are zero returns. Some states send out late notices and access fines and fees internally. It can add up to a real mess years down the road for you. Unfortunately, we get clients that don’t want to do this, and then we hear from them years later that it cost them thousands of dollars to get their company going again, when it would have cost them almost nothing and a couple of hours of their time to get their business officially closed down with the state.

If you need to cancel or dissolve your business with the state:

  1. If you have a domestic entity and want to close your business, you need to dissolve it with the Secretary of State. Sometimes you may have to get a Department of Revenue clearance before the Secretary of State will allow this. Sometimes, it’s as simple as filing an informational form with the Secretary of State that doesn’t cost anything. We provide these forms in your online account in the resources section.
  2. If you have a foreign entity registered with a certificate of ity, and want to get out of that state, you need to withdraw or cancel the registrations. This also may require a Department of Revenue clearance before the Secretary of State. We provide these forms for you in your online account in the resources section.

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